Homelessness – what’s in a label?

As result of my fundraising efforts for a great homeless charity in London, I’ve been paying far more attention to how people perceive and treat homeless people.

There is a lot of ignorance and stigma around the issue of homelessness, some of which I’ve scarcely been able to believe. I’ve heard a few people mention recently that they wouldn’t give money to homeless people who had mobile phones. “Why on earth would they have a mobile phone if they were poor and starving?” was one comment that stuck in my mind.

It got me thinking about the labels we put on people which inspired the graphic above. If we treated all people as just people without having to describe them, how would similar sentiments stack up?

“Homeless people shouldn’t have mobile phones” should really just read “People shouldn’t have mobile phones,” which of course is plain ridiculous, isn’t it?

Do we put down ‘carless’ people or ‘phoneless’ people? No, of course we don’t. So why are homeless people depicted the way they are in the media?

Every person who finds themselves on the streets has their own story and set of circumstances. And who are we to judge?

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